Jumping into a new decade, I decided to evaluate some planners so that I can make the most of EVERY day. That’s a tall order, but the focus was to have something that would help inspire me on those days where personal motivation may be lacking. 

My go-to’s in recent years have been the Panda Planner and most recently the AmazonBasics Daily Planner, which essentially is a less expensive version of the Panda Planner. These continue to be excellent choices, truly. They offer daily, weekly and monthly view options that can help you get your day to day outlined and streamlined in no time.

Which brings me to why I made a change. The planners were working well for me. Except when they weren’t. And that’s where this new planner comes in. I had read about Brendon Burchard, read his books and had started listening to his podcasts. Long story short, I could relate to this guy’s drive and admired what he has done with his career. I don’t want to be a coach or influencer per se, but I do want to continue to move my career forward. And when I looked at his High Performance Planner, I knew it was what I wanted to use to catapult me into a new decade. It helps me manage my Mom duties, our family events and my client project commitments. So I’m not changing the world with this planner, but if YOU want to do it, this is a great planner for you to consider.

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