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Did someone say free coffee?

Did someone say free coffee?


february, 2019




Photograph Credit:  Mashable

Latigo Coffee is a subscription-based coffee delivery service working with the finest quality beans. At Latigo, they understand the challenge of discovering memorable coffees and thus focus first and foremost on quality. With this deal, you’ll get a free 12 oz bag of coffee, so you can see what that really means. If you’re into it, simply stick around as a recurring customer on the 12 oz plan or up your dose to 24 oz — delivered once every two weeks. Cancel anytime.

All the fine print (courtesy of Mashable):

Details & Requirements

  • Credit towards a free 12oz bag of coffee
  • For more info, check out Latigo Coffee.


$20 credit


  • Valid for continental US customers only
  • For new customers only
  • Shipping not included: costs $5 (USPS First Class)
  • Valid credit card required to activate your subscription and to receive your first free 12 oz bag of coffee
  • Customer will not have to pay tax on the free 12 oz bag of coffee
  • Offer is worth a free 12 oz bag of coffee
  • Cancel your membership at anytime

“Smell the roses. Smell the coffee. Whatever it is that makes you happy.”

~ Rita Moreno

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Giant Eagle WILL Stop Selling Amazon Gift Cards After March 14th

Giant Eagle WILL Stop Selling Amazon Gift Cards After March 14th

Well, this really took the wind out of my sails! I love the Giant Eagle FuelPerks! program. And what’s not to love? You get retailer gift cards, earn fuel points ($.10 for every $50 spent; up to 30 gallons of gas). And, very often, Giant Eagle would sweeten the deal by doubling the bones to $.20 for every 50 spent.

I’m not going to lie. This WILL affect how much I spend on Amazon. And it kills me too.Giant Eagle has made it even easier because you can buy the card online or thru their app and email it to yourself, which promptly places said card in your Giant Eagle wallet. Never without your gift card; no carrying additional plastic.

Sigh. I knew this was coming.

Giant Eagle WILL Stop Selling Amazon Gift Cards After March 14th

From Amazon:

“Effective April 2018, Amazon is adopting a general policy to remove Amazon.com and Amazon.ca Gift Cards from online gift card malls. This policy applies to all websites that sell gift cards to the public in the U.S. and Canada.

Thereafter, any purchase of Amazon Gift Cards would need to be as part of an employee or customer incentive, loyalty, rewards, recognition, disbursement, or other gifting program (including points redemption).”

eGifter eMail

All good things must come to an end. Maybe Amazon will find another way to help reward loyal customers? Maybe someone else will sweep in and take advantage of this opportunity with Giant Eagle? I know I like the eBay option already there…

The Echo Family: Love Using My Echo As an Intercom

The Echo Family: Love Using My Echo As an Intercom

I lived in envy of some of my friend’s homes in the 80s. There it was. On their walls in all its glory. We would be studying or playing Uno or some other game, and the announcement came from the wall. “Dinner’s ready! Time to eat!” Or “It’s getting late, we need to get you back to your folks.” it wasn’t the announcement. No. It was the delivery. All made possible by the glorious intercom system on the wall. It wasn’t anything overly fancy, but it seemed to glow like an electronic jewel to me.

I swore to myself, one day, I too would have an intercom system. Thanks to Amazon, I do. Years back, when Echo made its debut, I received one early at a discounted rate. I loved it. It played music, answered questions, and I’m sure the NSA has heard its fair share of stuff said at our house. And then came the Echo dot. So I bought several, to share the love with the kids and have a cute Pandora speaker for wherever I happened to be in he house. But the developers didn’t stop there. They created skills and helped me reach my own intercom dreams. With the power of Drop In, I can use the echo as an intercom, and speak directly from the family room echo with one of the bedroom echo dots. Or I can use the Alexa app to Announce that dinner is ready from the kitchen, and it will announce to all the echo devices in our household. Like is a beautiful thing. And the Echo is far cuter than any of those retro intercom units.

Interested in how to use Amazon Echo and the Alexa app as an intercom system? Stay tuned… blog coming soon!