Frito-Lay Variety Pack, Classic Mix – What’s YOUR order?

Frito-Lay Variety Pack, Classic Mix – What’s YOUR order?

The other day, the best local morning show anchors weighed in on the Frito-Lay Classic Mix. Everyone had their preference, and everyone had their order of how they enjoyed the variety pack. Low and behold, after seeing this episode, it seems like the Frito-Lay Classic Mix is everywhere I am on the internet. So, I figured, why not and weigh in myself.

We do typically stock this at home for school lunches. And yes, I know which kid likes what and who not to give what to. It’s funny how EVERYONE seems to have their own order of likeness.

For example, if I were to choose an order of snacks, mine would look something like:


There really is no method to the madness here. And I’m sure that, depending on my mood, this order is subject to change at any given time. When I hot the hubs to weigh in, his order looked something like this:

It works out pretty well for he and I – I love Cool Ranch where it is last on his list. With kids though, we don’t get a lot of opportunities to get to snacks like these. And I’m okay with that – I would rather eat whatever we have going in the sous vide.

I love that some people who texted or called into the show said that they just like one or two, then “trash” the rest (please donate unopened packages to a food bank – don’t trash the food!).

Anyway, I am sure YOU have an order that you like. So comment below and share using our sidebar on the left!

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The Echo Family: Love Using My Echo As an Intercom

The Echo Family: Love Using My Echo As an Intercom

I lived in envy of some of my friend’s homes in the 80s. There it was. On their walls in all its glory. We would be studying or playing Uno or some other game, and the announcement came from the wall. “Dinner’s ready! Time to eat!” Or “It’s getting late, we need to get you back to your folks.” it wasn’t the announcement. No. It was the delivery. All made possible by the glorious intercom system on the wall. It wasn’t anything overly fancy, but it seemed to glow like an electronic jewel to me.

I swore to myself, one day, I too would have an intercom system. Thanks to Amazon, I do. Years back, when Echo made its debut, I received one early at a discounted rate. I loved it. It played music, answered questions, and I’m sure the NSA has heard its fair share of stuff said at our house. And then came the Echo dot. So I bought several, to share the love with the kids and have a cute Pandora speaker for wherever I happened to be in he house. But the developers didn’t stop there. They created skills and helped me reach my own intercom dreams. With the power of Drop In, I can use the echo as an intercom, and speak directly from the family room echo with one of the bedroom echo dots. Or I can use the Alexa app to Announce that dinner is ready from the kitchen, and it will announce to all the echo devices in our household. Like is a beautiful thing. And the Echo is far cuter than any of those retro intercom units.

Interested in how to use Amazon Echo and the Alexa app as an intercom system? Stay tuned… blog coming soon!

No Sound in Netflix on Apple TV

No Sound in Netflix on Apple TV

There is nothing more frustrating about a piece of technology when it’s not operating as you expect. We have Apple TV and decided to get one for the bedroom. I signed into Netflix on our Apple TV for the first time, eager to watch some ALIAS again. It’s my usual go-to while getting work done and drowning out the steady snore coming from my husband next to me. It turns on just fine, and I click on Netflix. I sign in since it’s the first time the app is used on this tvOS, pop through the selections and click on the show. I click the episode and Sydney and Nadia are talking, but there is no sound. The Netflix pop sounds as you scroll through the options sound, but the show has no sound.

I restart Apple TV. In the short experience we have had with AppleTV, restarting seems to be the cure for a lot of issues (frozen screen, frozen show/movie, selection option disappearing, remote malfunctioning, etc). After it comes back on, there is still no sound. I pull down the options screen in Netflix and slide right to Audio. Language, Sound and Speaker are all set to English, Full Dynamic Range, and the correct AppleTV. This menu does not seem to help, so I menu out of Netflix and go to Settings on the tvOS.

Under Settings, I go into Audio and Video. In the next menu, I select Surround Sound. It is set to Best Quality Available. I change it to Dolby Digital 5.1 and menu out to the App scree. I go back into Netflix, and I have the same outcome – still no sound. I menu back out, go back into Settings > Audio and Video > Surround Sound. I select the last option, Stereo, and menu back out to go into Netflix. THE SOUND IS ON!

So though Best Quality Available as the choice suggests it will pick the best available in whatever app you may be in, this is not the case. Many of the shows or moves you watch may be safe under that selection, however, if you are not hearing sound in a selection you have made, try changing the audio down to stereo. That selection may not have a better quality option.

Hope this helps someone out there!

How to Find Your Promotional Credit

How to Find Your Promotional Credit

Prime. It really is a beautiful thing. Two day shipping. Prime video included. Just recently, they ran the first ever Prime day – a black Friday-like event that brought prices down on stuff as well. All in all, Prime is well worth its investment.

Another great option is getting promotional credit for delaying your delivery. That is, instead of requesting the lickety split two-day option, they will give you promotional credit to use on video or mp3s on their site. If you’re not in a hurry for a particular item, this really is a great way to go.

One of the things I have noticed, however, is that it is tough to find how much you have in your promotional credits. So I thought I would add this post out to the world of the Internet, to have one more answer out there for all those who seek how to find their promotional credit balance.

Here is the link: Check YOUR Promotional Credit

The breakdowns are nice – you know where you have money to spend.

Moral of the story: Good things come to those who can wait a few more days. So if you don’t need it fast, delay your delivery, earn some promotional credit and watch a new release movie on their dime.

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Heavy on the Pun, Hold the Cheese

One of the things I love about my husband is that he makes me laugh. That said, more times than I can count, the man is very heavy on the pun. But he NEVER holds the cheese. Quite honestly, the cheesier the pun, the better.

Needless to say, when I read headlines like this:

Italy Sets Record For World’s Longest Pizza And It Looks Gouda!

I immediately think of my husband.

What makes this headline even funnier to me is that in this world-record setting pizza, they didn’t even use gouda. They used mozzarella – one and a half tons of it. Clearly, they didn’t hold the cheese. But then again, neither did I just now. Touché.

If you are still curious about the pizza, it had two tons of sauce and almost weighed five tons altogether. And it’s length, which the article enumerates in metric, is nearly a mile long in terms Americans can understand. So a mile-long, five-ton pizza. If that isn’t Homer Simpson’s dream come true, I don’t know what is.

Homer and the Pizza

Fox / Via

For the full article:

Anyway, back to it.

Hopefully this post made you think, What the Fonk…