At the end of every year, there are several sites on Drupal where I have to start a new year page. For example, in January, I created the 2015 page. By default, Drupal creates this as a child page to the book I am in or leaves it unassigned in book limbo. I searched the forums for an easy way to create this new page as my parent, but found little information and was left to figure this out on my own.

My solution is pretty simple. And it’s always easy to go from an example, so here is my scenario:

The book I have in Drupal is called Ebooks. Every month, a new ebook is issued. The site has ebooks dating as far back as 2007. Each year is a book page; within the book page, the ebooks are attached via the attachment function within the Drupal page. So, at the end of 2014, I had the Ebook main page pointed at /ebook and it had all of the 2014 ebook attachments. The ebooks were attached from most recent (Dec 2014) down to oldest (Jan 2014). This was the parent book page. Connected to this page, as child pages, were years 2007-2013.

The first thing I did was go into the /ebook page and made a couple edits.
1. I edited the title from Ebook to Ebook Archive – 20142. I changed the URL alias from /ebook to /ebook-archive-2014

I then went to content and created a new book page. I titled this page Ebook.  went to attachments and added the January PDF of the ebook. I went to book outline and created this page as part of a new book. Lastly, if it does not auto-alias in your Drupal, name the alias /ebook.

Next, I went back to the Ebook Archive – 2014 page, /ebook to /ebook-archive-2014. I went to edit book outline. Now, instead of pointing to itself as the book parent, I assigned Ebook Archive – 2014 to the Ebook book that I just created. I click on save and I am almost done.

Now, since Ebook Archive – 2014 was considered a parent, years 2007-2013 populate under it as child pages. I go into Administration » Content and go to the books tab. I go to Ebook and click edit order and titles and reorder 2007-2013 so that the new parent is Ebook and not Ebook Archive – 2014. And I’m done.

I know this may seem a little confusing. Feel free to contact me if you need more info and I can email you or even create a quick YouTube how-to if it would be beneficial.

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