The other day, the best local morning show anchors weighed in on the Frito-Lay Classic Mix. Everyone had their preference, and everyone had their order of how they enjoyed the variety pack. Low and behold, after seeing this episode, it seems like the Frito-Lay Classic Mix is everywhere I am on the internet. So, I figured, why not and weigh in myself.

We do typically stock this at home for school lunches. And yes, I know which kid likes what and who not to give what to. It’s funny how EVERYONE seems to have their own order of likeness.

For example, if I were to choose an order of snacks, mine would look something like:


There really is no method to the madness here. And I’m sure that, depending on my mood, this order is subject to change at any given time. When I hot the hubs to weigh in, his order looked something like this:

It works out pretty well for he and I – I love Cool Ranch where it is last on his list. With kids though, we don’t get a lot of opportunities to get to snacks like these. And I’m okay with that – I would rather eat whatever we have going in the sous vide.

I love that some people who texted or called into the show said that they just like one or two, then “trash” the rest (please donate unopened packages to a food bank – don’t trash the food!).

Anyway, I am sure YOU have an order that you like. So comment below and share using our sidebar on the left!

Thanks for reading!

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