Prime. It really is a beautiful thing. Two day shipping. Prime video included. Just recently, they ran the first ever Prime day – a black Friday-like event that brought prices down on stuff as well. All in all, Prime is well worth its investment.

Another great option is getting promotional credit for delaying your delivery. That is, instead of requesting the lickety split two-day option, they will give you promotional credit to use on video or mp3s on their site. If you’re not in a hurry for a particular item, this really is a great way to go.

One of the things I have noticed, however, is that it is tough to find how much you have in your promotional credits. So I thought I would add this post out to the world of the Internet, to have one more answer out there for all those who seek how to find their promotional credit balance.

Here is the link: Check YOUR Promotional Credit

The breakdowns are nice – you know where you have money to spend.

Moral of the story: Good things come to those who can wait a few more days. So if you don’t need it fast, delay your delivery, earn some promotional credit and watch a new release movie on their dime.

Until next time!

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