Being in the website building business, I like to “keep in the know” and read various resources informing on where website trends are moving. Many companies I work with want to be able to post on their own and maintain copy, so I typically use a content management system (CMS) as the framework for their websites. With so many different CMS options out there, I often get asked, “Which CMS will you be using and why?”

There really are a TON of CMS options out there. Of all the websites out there, W3Techs monitors what sites use a CMS. Sites using a CMS account for over 40% of all the websites on the internet. Over 40% of all the websites out there use some form of CMS option. Of all these options, WordPress accounts for 24.3% of the websites on the Internet; that is 58.7% of the CMS market share. In English, out of all those websites that use a CMS, WordPress is the choice CMS. In fact, a quarter of the world wide web’s sites use WordPress. And of all the sites that use a CMS, WordPress makes up almost 60% of those websites.

Given all his info, I tend to use WordPress a lot of the time, and definitely more so than Drupal or Joomla. I use it because of its popularity, but it’s more than that. Given the popularity WordPress, I find that it also is very well-maintained and has regular updating. Sure, it has its shortcomings (some have issues with its security as well as the amount of updating), but if you keep good notes on changes you make and plugins you use, your issues will be minimal. The big bonus for me, as a website builder, is that teaching the client to update the site has a shorter learning curve. Far shorter, in fact, that either Drupal or Joomla.

So that’s my two cents, in a nutshell. I’m a little wild about WordPress and think you should consider it too. And feel free to contact me if you want me to help you get things set up!

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